What is in our Building Reports?

It can be a tough decision deciding who to put your trust in when purchasing a building report, but it shouldn't be. We can make the decision easy.

Chris has been building and designing quality homes for over 40 years. He is a perfectionist, particular, and wants the best for new homeowners.

You can trust a trade professional who has built homes from the ground up, knows exactly how each part of a house should fit and look, and be completely upfront with you.


What makes us different?

  • Chris has been building and designing for over 40 years

  • Treats your investment as his own

  • ACCURATE costings

  • Best options for you going forward

  • Same Day Reports


At Town & Country House Inspections, we strive to give you the best possible service from inspection to discussing your concerns. We encourage client's to ask questions and know their potential purchase inside out.

Our reports are broken down into 5 areas of inspection.

  • Roof

  • Ceiling Space

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • Sub-Floor

EVERY report that is carried out includes full details with a breakdown in easy reference terms for any potential buyer to understand. Any areas for concern will be photographed and included in the report.

The Roof is one of the major areas of

  concern for homeowners as problems     here can lead to other more serious        issues in the house.


This is an example of old insulation.     

The ceiling space is checked for      plumbing, electrical, insulation, pests   

& borer and leaks or rott.

Ceiling Space


Lead Head Nails on Roof in Builder Report
Sub-Floor space to be checked in building reports
Ceiling Space in Builders Report
Signs of a roof leak in Building Reports
Damaged paint work on buildings in house reports

This will include moisture testing, electrical testing, water pressure, heating systems, joinery, operation of windows and doors, and many other structural and fitting checks.

Inspection of the Exterior covers problems such as paint condition, weather tightness, pests or borer etc.


Underfloors can have an array of        undiscovered issues. These could      range from plumbing , insulation,    pest through to piles level etc.


Photos are for examples only, not true of house in photo.

Whether you’re buying a home for investment or as your new residence, it’s a significant investment.

You need to make sure that your purchase is worth every bit you spend on it.

For a complete evaluation of the condition of your home, Town & Country House Inspections is your best choice. With over forty years of experience in the building trade, we know how to perform a thorough, detail-packed inspection of the property. It’s our belief that checking every possible aspect of the home is well worth it. Nothing is more devastating than finding out your newest asset needs major, costly repairs. We pride ourselves on checking every area that could pose an issue and giving you a prompt assessment of not only the damage but the costings of any required repair work.