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Hiring a Professional

Water leaks can have devastating consequences for a home. Mould, rot, and structural damage can result from water getting inside a house, or from leaking fixtures or showers. This is not always obvious – water and can make its way through the smallest of gaps. Common areas where leaks originate include chimneys, windows, around showers, and from pipes in walls. This damage can be hard to spot to an untrained eye. At Town & Country House Inspections, we look very carefully for any signs of water infiltration when we do building inspection in Palmerston North. We do a thorough investigation of the five main areas of the home, including the roof exterior, home exterior, sub-floor, home interior, and roof interior. We offer moisture testing as an added measure to ensure that the home you’re purchasing is dry.

Building Inspection in Palmerston North requires an experienced, competent inspector who understands construction and can advise you on required repairs. Your Town & Country building inspection in Palmerston North will give you the benefit of an experienced evaluator. Especially for buyers looking at homes “sight unseen,” this is an important aspect of the inspection. Our Offsite Coverage inspection report also includes a video so you can see what you’re buying. If repairs are needed, we can give you an idea of what they will cost so you can make the most educated decision possible. We even have a network of referrals available for you should you need additional quotes or estimates for fixtures or design needs.

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