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Methamphetamine Testing

Every buyer knows that a quality home inspection is an important part of evaluating a home. These inspections include the typical things buyers worry about: structural integrity, water leaks, and other major issues. Unfortunately, now there’s a new concern that needs to be considered: methamphetamine contamination. This problem can result in absorption of meth from surfaces in the home, including counters, floors, carpets, and more. House methamphetamine testing for your Palmerston North home is an important part of ensuring your future home’s safety. Meth contamination can be anything from minor to extensive, and remediation can be quite expensive. Town & Country House Inspections can perform House methamphetamine testing as part of your Palmerston North home inspection.

You can trust Town & Country House Inspections to provide you with a detailed report about your home on the same day as the inspection. We believe that the sooner you know, the sooner you can make an educated decision. In addition to offering house methamphetamine testing in Palmerston North, we also offer moisture testing. This complete inspection is done by not only a certified inspector but an inspector with forty years of experience in the building trades. You will get an experienced, knowledgeable opinion you can trust before you make a big investment. We’ll even give you approximate costings for any suggested repair work, so you go into purchase negotiations prepared.

Make sure that your home inspector has the right qualifications and experience.

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