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Pre-Sale Testing

The importance of residential pre sale testing in Manawatu cannot be overstated. Buying a home, whether to live in or as an investment property, is a huge outlay of resources. As such, it’s imperative to ensure that you are making a sound investment in a home that is free of major concerns. An essential part of this is engaging an experienced, reliable home inspector. Town & Country House Inspections offers residential pre sale testing for Manawatu homes, with a knowledgeable inspector who has over forty years of experience in the building trades. You’ll get a detailed report that covers all parts of a home, from the exterior of the roof down to the sub-floor. We’ll look for water leaks, structural problems, shoddy construction, and more. Any issues will be fully documented, including photos, and we’ll include costings of repairs, so you get a feel for the real cost of the home.

In addition, to complete residential pre sale testing in Manawatu, Town & Country can also perform moisture testing and home methamphetamine testing. Our report will be generated the same day as the inspection, so you won’t have to wait for answers. We encourage you to ask questions about the property, before or after the inspection. Our goal is to make sure you have a complete picture of the home you are about to buy. This is especially critical when buying a house without visiting it first.

To schedule a home inspection, please call us on 0800 45 44 00.

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