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Why Experience Counts

Looking for affordable, reliable house inspections in Manawatu? Town & Country House Inspections offers home inspections by an experienced inspector who has more than just a certificate. Your Town & Country review will be performed by a certified, knowledgeable inspector with over forty years in the building trades, including building, joinery, plastering, and cladding. His practised eye will look at everything from the big picture down to the smallest details. This type of comprehensive inspection covers the five main areas of a home: the exterior roof, the home exterior, the sub-floor, the house interior, and the interior roof space. Each section gets a full examination and is assessed for structural integrity, water infiltration, and other common issues. We know that time is key in real estate, so we will send you the report on the same day we do the inspection.

In addition to full house inspections in Manawatu, Town & Country also performs moisture testing and methamphetamine testing to give you complete reassurance about the safety of your home. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before or after house inspections in Manawatu and believe in giving an entirely honest assessment of the property. We will take photos of any areas of concern and include them in the report, along with explanations of the problems. You’ll also find costings of suggested repairs so you can make an educated decision about the true cost of buying the home.

To schedule house inspections in Manawatu, please call us on 0800 45 44 00.

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